About Red Daisy Crafts

  Discover the joy in finding your creativity with me through

exclusive paper crafting kits from Stampin’ UP!


I’m on a mission to help people who are stressed after a long day at work and looking to find something fun
and creative to do.  Learn how to create beautiful handmade paper crafting projects
without anxiety, stress or breaking the bank.

If your anything like me you spend a large portion of your job taking care of customer needs.  When I started working with customers as an insurance professional, I loved taking care their needs and helping them achieve success.  I became so invested in providing a good service, I worked long hours, adding pressure to an already fast paced work life.  I started feeling stress regularly and found myself needing to manage my anxiety. 


I found a community of crafters where we laugh and share ideas.  I also made some really special friends.  Crafting has become a big part of how I manage my anxiety and stress.  The experience of making and giving handmade cards and gifts has increased my self confidence because recipients feel special that I made something for them.  I am still very passionate about taking care of my customers and that is why I help others to have paper crafting success.

June Leyendecker, CEO of Red Daisy Craft where I help new paper crafters have a successful experience.

My name is June Leyendecker.  I’m passionate about helping you have a successful paper crafting experience and you get to make new friends, laugh and escape life stressors!  

Join my community of crafters to explore a variety of crafting kits
grow your creativity.
hare your creations with others and bring a smile to their faces. 

Stampin’ Up! Kits are the perfect place to start and here are the reasons why:

⇒ Fun, easy and affordable.

⇒ Wide variety of projects (i.e. cards, mini scrapbooks, home decor, etc.) 

⇒ All inclusive – they include everything you need (except a pair of scissors, which most households have already)

⇒ Provide the opportunity to try out a variety of crafting styles before deciding where to invest your money

Come hang out with me and create fun projects

using the amazing Stampin’ Up! Kit Collection!